Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Wish to You

In 2010, my wish is that
God gives you:

12 months of Happiness,
52 weeks of Fun,
365 days of Success,
8,760 hours of Good Health,
525,600 minutes of Love,

31,536,000 seconds of Serenity!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red

Like the blood shed for you and me.

White is for our Savior
Who's sinless and pure!

"J" is for Jesus, Our Lord,

That's for sure!

Turn it around
And a staff you will see

Jesus our shepherd

Born for you and me!

And so this cane reminds us
Of just how much he cares.

And like His Christmas gift to us

It's meant for all to share.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty ... Pretty Tins

You've seen from previous postings that I love vintage tins ... and I've acquired more, some of which are for sale in my store and some I've kept for myself. I thought that as I share some of the tins for sale in my store that it would be nice to share some ideas on how tins could be used.

This dainty Baret Ware Art Grace tin made in England has the most vibrant colored flowers on it. It is 5.5" tall, 5.5" wide and 4.25" deep. I actually have one of these on my dresser to collect stray items in. It is very feminine looking and looks great sitting on top of a vintage embroidered dresser scarf. I also picture this tin holding sewing notions ... it would look great in a sewing room holding vintage scraps of lace, fabric or trims.

This lovely embossed footed tin chest is a Fricke and Nacke Design by Mavis, West Germany. It is 3.5" tall, 7.25" wide and 5" deep. This is a great size tin to hold mail that gets tossed on your kitchen cupboard; or add a vintage doily and fill it with some jewelry.
This lovely tin with daisies and portrait on the lid was made in England by Edward Sharp & Sons LTD of Maidstone Kent. I believe that it once held toffee. It is 1.75" tall, 5.5" wide and 4" deep. Wouldn't this look lovely on a desk holding some paper clips or rubber bands?

This tin of a quaint little brook meandering through a country town with a little country church is stamped 'OLIVE CAN CHICAGO' on the bottom. It has a 8.25" diameter and is 1.25" tall. This is the perfect size to hold vintage buttons ... not too tall. It would also make a nice gift container for homemade fudge.

This great 70s tin from Olive Can has a 9.75" diameter and is 3.75" tall. It is stamped 'Olive Can' on the bottom. This has Christmas cookies written all over it ... would be a great gift container or serving container for your Christmas goodies.

Most of my ideas on how to use vintage tins deal with preserving them and mostly using them to organize. There are some really nifty projects out on the web like this Vintage "Tin" Clock on JUNKMARKET Style and made by Janis Gurney.

Or what about these Vintage Tea Tin Pendant Lights also on JUNKMARKET Style.

Here is one cool Vintage Tin Organizer that I found at the Better Homes and Gardens site.