Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

I'm starting something new ... a Pay it Forward Friday where I will try to do something for somebody else because I've been blessed myself. I'm starting out with an etsy treasury of items from my treasury friends, fellow etsy'ers that have included me in their treasuries. So please click on the picture and check out each individual's item if you have a chance. I know that you will like what you see :)

If you're not familiar with Pay It Forward you can check out Catherine Ryan Hyde's novel, Pay It Forward, that was published in 2000 by Simon & Schuster. Also in 2000, Warner Brothers created the movie, Pay It Forward based on this novel. This concept has caught on and there is now a Pay It Forward Foundation which defines Paying It Forward as ... "It begins with doing a favor for another person ~ without any expectation of being paid back. Indeed one would request that the recipient of that favor do the same for someone else ~ ideally, for three other people." What a great movement that I hope continues for years to come.